Monday, April 30, 2007

About this blog

This blog is a tribute to the modern woman.

Women have, throughout history, have walked miles to obtain every inch of their freedom and recognition. The struggle has not ended. Women, all across the globe, still struggle and still fight for freedom inch by inch. So what has changed? Well, some of us have a greater access to education and with it comes the freedom of thought. We live in a world where the law increasingly recognizes the two sexes as equal. But the reality has not yet merged with the ideology of equality. So consequently, we are taught a vision of equality but still face unequal treatment.

Today the US has a Madam speaker, but not yet a female President. Hillary hopes to change that...moving women another inch forward if she succeeds. But what about those women who face the reality of domestic violence, dowry, forced marriages, unequal treatment after the marriage, lack of job opportunities, sexual harassment, and lack of freedom in daily activities that never gets counted in any known statistic? With the vision of equality, today's modern woman can't help but notice every small bit of unequal treatment. She has to now handle the kids, her job, the family, social relationships, and more. She has to appear feminine but compete in a job market dominated by men. She has to endure pregnancy, but endure hardship being considered seriously at work. The modern woman faces just as many struggles as the women did in the past, and perhaps more struggles due to the ever increasing demands and rosy vision brought to her.

So this blog is a tribute to the modern woman. A tribute to every inch of freedom she has achieved and all the inches for which she still struggles. Let us be proud of ourselves and acknowledge our accomplishments.