Saturday, October 18, 2008

Interviews and confusion


So today I am going to write about a tricky situation I have landed in. The employer who had called me in and never showed up called back and invited me in for an interview. After a couple of interviews on different days, I did not hear back for a couple of weeks. I followed up, but did not get a response to the follow-up call.

Then suddenly I got a call to meet some clients at the office of the employer. I went, but was confused as to why I was being called to meet clients when I had not been offered, nor had I accepted, a job with this employer. However, I met the clients, and talked with the employer some more. I got a feeling that the employer was pleased and perhaps wants me to start. But I have not heard anything about the salary yet. Meanwhile, I got two other calls for interviews. How do I respond to the interview calls and how do I communicate to this employer that although I am interested in the firm, I cannot begin unless there is an agreement as to the terms of employment...and that agreement has to come soon or I will be blowing off other interviewers who *are* serious about the position?

Lost is me today.