Monday, May 30, 2011

Starting a Law Firm - Going Solo!

So, after much soul searching and discussion, I decided to go solo. So, what are some pros and cons that I am facing before I even start?

1) Making sure you are connected
2) Making decisions alone with no one else to blame if something doesn't work
3) Major changes including being home more often, having no fixed schedule, and having to think in terms of "market" instead of where you want to live, work, etc.
4) Initial investment of $$

1) No fear of pleasing a boss at the expense of your comfort
2) No fear of losing a job because you disagree with something
3) Practicing law the way you want to practice law (Could we sum it all with "More control!")
4) No limits to your potential
5) Control on how you spend your day
6) Control on which trainings etc. you want to go to
7) Being able to offer what you can offer - no artificial limits based on "job description".
8) Hopefully eventually being able to hire others for the "grunt work"

So, I still have to figure out all of the following
1) Accountant
2) Name for a law firm
3) Name for a website
4) LOCATION of law office
5) Sources of clients (ads? where?)
6) Designing a website

Phew! I will keep you updated on this journey.

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