Monday, February 8, 2010

Time for something new?

After a year or so of ups and downs at Nonprofit law, I wonder if it is time for something new.

Several questions keep popping up in my mind. How soon is too soon to change jobs? Is a year too soon? How about 2?

How does one transfer skills from nonprofit to the private law world? Surely the case load is qualitatively different. The whole world of employment based immigration rarely enters the nonprofit world because of the income differences. However, this is often the bulk of the practice in the for-profit world. And employment-based immigration is a whole new beast to tackle.

So how would I go about convincing a potential private law firm employer that I am qualified for the job? Does beginning in non-profit mean I am pegged into the nonprofit sector hole for the rest of my career? It isn't that I dislike working at nonprofits. Actually, quite the opposite. However, there is limited growth at my current organization. I could not possibly wind up doing the same thing I have done for the past year for another 10 years.

I see some jobs popping up, but many of them require experience in the employment-based arena. That does not stop me from wanting to apply. Is it normal to feel bored of a job after such a short period of time?

I wonder. . .

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