Thursday, March 11, 2010

Articles Like these frustrate me. Minority v. White?

We have seen several articles like these as the census comes nearer. Minority births, Minority immigration, and Minority percentage statistics to scare the historic White Majority away! These alarmist articles miss the point.

The world is becoming smaller. We are now dealing with emerging countries who are competing with us globally for better technology and education. And globally speaking, Chinese and Indians are the vast majority. Trying to protect our fragile racially conservative egos will only cause us to lose our competitive edge. Immigration has been our competitive edge throughout history. That is because we were formed as a nation of immigrants. Think about it. Starting from the European settlers, to the Irish mass immigration, to the Eastern European immigration, to the African slave trades, to the Japanese and Asian immigration waves, we have seen it all. And with every wave came a similar reaction from the "settled" folks. Fear mongering, discrimination, and sometimes worse. But what we feared actually is our strength. We are a country that is not defined by race but by ideals, and that makes a good country! Globally speaking, the world has always been shifting and immigrating. Immigration is determined by economics more than anything. High immigration is a sign of good economic conditions. Perhaps some people want higher immigration to our competing countries?

We lost the Olympic bid largely because our country was considered too hostile to visitors. Do we want to fall behind globally while pampering our fragile egos?